Complete order form to receive seeds. Please send us a self addressed prepaid envelope where we can ship your seeds. Please be so kind and make a small donation or send us your food seeds.

When you request seeds you agree to send us some of your food seeds so we can keep a supply to send to others who are in need of growing their sustainable food supply. You agree to do your part and teach others how to grow their own food supply. You also agree to send us photos of your garden so we can share them on our facebook and blog page. And if you have some great learning experiences please feel free to share your stories with us. We wish you the best of luck in growing a sustainable food garden. Teach each other, learn from each other and grow a better possibility.

See list we have in stock:

Swiss Chard
Lettus black seeded
Lettus (cracoviensis)
Green Lettus
Grand Rapids Leaf Lettus
Radish Cherry Belle
Iceburg Lettus
Collards Vates Non-Heading
Basil Sweet
White Onions
Radish Icicle
Cabbage January King
Sweet Corn
Cucumber White Wonder
Green Onions
tomato Large Red Cherry
tomato Brandywine
Cucumber Boston Pickling
Green Bell Peppers
Cauliflower Early Snowball
tomato Roma
Sweet Corn Silver Queen
Bunching Onions
Red Russian Vale
Lettus Speckled-Romain Variety
Mesclun Mixed Salad Greens

Columbine Pink/Purple
Little Purple Violets
Snapdragon Deluxe Mixture
Pinetree Garden Seeds


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