Food Shortage

The Growing Threat of a Food Shortage in America on the Horizon

The majority of people living in the United States have never known what it’s like to be truly hungry, for as long as you have income, food is readily available and in abundance too. So the thought of there being a food shortage crisis in America is almost absurd. However as I’ll explain in this post, its not as crazy as you might think!

Below I have outlined the reason why there is a very real threat of a coming food shortage and also what you can do to prepare for it now so your family is in a better position to survive.

Where Does All the Food Come From Anyway?

Most people don’t think twice about where the food in supermarkets actually comes from, they just think it magically appears on the shelf, and is there week in week out. However when you understand the supply chain of food in the USA you might start to grasp why we are on the verge of a very real food crisis, where large numbers of people are going to starve right here in America!

The Food Chain

Take a look at the food your buy the next time you’re in the supermarket, you’ll soon realize it has traveled a long way to get to you. The sad truth is that a vast majority of food products we buy are not produced locally. They came from the likes of China, Mexico, Brazil, Peru etc…and this has significant consequences for us, which I will describe in this post.

With crazy legislation from the USDA and the FDA, and rising demands from foreign buyers, our local American farmers will continue to be forced to exports their crops overseas in order to remain viable. A global economy (the way it is run today) is not exactly as beneficial as it sounds when sold to us by smooth talking politicians as in fact can and does have disastrous effects.

The problem is that our food travels a long way to get to us, and this relies on cheap fuel, which has been the case, but this is rapidly changing. If we don’t source our food locally and get in touch with the growers, then we expose ourselves to the risk of a relying on economic stability and the food transport chain sustaining us.

If the US dollar continues to dive, which all indications look very much like it will, then oil will become more expensive and strain will be placed on the food chain. This simply means food will not make it to the supermarket shelves. When this finally happens, there will be massive panic and people will stampede the supermarkets and clear the shelves in a matter of 24-48hrs across the country.

This has happened before in the USA and in fact is already happening in many African countries right now.

But I Can Just Get Food Stamps…Can’t I?

Well what good are food stamps if there is no food to purchase. The other thing to realize is that with the US being on the verge of hyper-inflation, the government is not going to be able to support 10′s of millions of people requiring food stamps when the devastating effects of hyper-inflation kick in. You MUST take action now to protect your family, forget about the government bailing you out, as it will not happen.

The USD Losing it Buying Power

The US dollar has continued its downward trend in buying power over the past 100 years, and this trend is only going to continue, as the federal debt is now over 15 trillion dollars, which is frankly insane!

Americans need to wake up to the reality that our economy is now in a state that cannot be repaired, and we are heading into the collapse of the US dollar. When this happens, food prices will sky rocket and the food supply will literally grind to a halt and supermarket shelves will be empty in a matter of days.
Here is an image of the diminishing buying power of the USD:

Practical Steps to Prepare for the Coming Food Shortage in America

Step 1: Eat Local – The first thing you should do is get in contact with your food source, and start buying from them right now and eating locally grown food. If you support locally grown food then the farmers will not be forced to export in order to survive and you will have good relationships with food suppliers, which is a smart move.

Step 2: – Grow Your Own Food – The next thing to do is learn how to grow your own food. You can do this in a very small space. I have heard of people growing enough food to feed 2 people on a fire escape in New York. In order to do this you need to get a hold of seeds now, that are non GMO (genetically modified) so you can grow you own garden.

Step 3: – Stock Up On Food Supplies Now – You absolutely must start to stockpile reserves of food for your family. The key things you should look at getting are things that will last such as:

Canned foods
Dried foods
Cooking materials

At the end of the day the very thought of a massive scale food shortage in America is not a pleasant one for folks to consider, however a much worse thought is there being a food crisis and not being prepared at all when you could have been!


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