Think what you can think

‘Hard thinking will make for softer work, than if you never thought at all.’

Abraham Lincoln taught us that if you are to chop a tree down with an axe, you should spend the bulk of your time sharpening the axe first and foremost, before you ever attempt to make the initial cut. People swinging blunt axes amounts to one thing: frustration. So sharpen your mind through stimulated thinking time, as you read and listen to material presented by mentors in your chosen field of study. Devote yourself to a lifetime of study, so that you are always at the peak of your knowledge and wisdom, ever ready to act, and ever able to lead.

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About Radical Black Homesteader

The time has come to stop participating in the current system and learn to become self reliant. Its time to teach our children how to live free of government dependency. We need to shrink the size of government. We are in need of more benefits and the poor people should have access to them. Can't be done you say. Well you would be wrong. There is a way; it's called the Homestead movement. There is no benefit the government provides that the private sector can't offer cheaper and with superior quality. It's time for more Americans achieve self sustainability and buy their own benefits on the free market and cut government out of the loop. If education, healthcare and retirement are so important why on earth would anyone let self serving corrupt politicians provide those things for us? The goal is to stop participating in their system and to create our own. We have to turn to every inch of land we have into a productive landscape, and use our resources to change the world in front of us. Truly, Radical Urban Homesteader

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