Short Stories


You sense your celestial duty coming to an end. Everything is set in motion. You feel yourself falling back into the paradise you have just created. You find yourself standing in your doorway. Was all this just a fantasy? Nothing has changed; or has it? You notice the air. It has a clean, sweet smell. The birds are singing loudly. You can’t hear any cars. Then you remember there aren’t any. You are in awe. It worked! The guy next door comes over. He’s pale green just like you. He smiles and says “hi,” as he brushes past you into your apartment. He begins to check things out.
“Wait a minute,” you protest. “This is my place.”

“Our place,” he replies with a grin. “Remember, the brotherhood of man. What’s yours is mine. What’s mine is yours. Since I’ve got nothing, I’m sure glad that you do, else we’d both be in a pinch.”
Laughing, he picks up your stereo and several tapes. You protest, “Wait a minute, you can’t just waltz in here and take my stuff!”

His face hardens into a threatening look. From his pocket he pulls an ugly looking knife. “It’s not yours anymore, brother! It’s mine. I’d sure hate to have to hurt my brother ‘cause he wouldn’t share.”

As he leaves with your stereo, he takes your wallet too. Your paradise is quickly becoming a nightmare. You can’t keep anything for yourself and you know that when you need someone else’s stuff they won’t share.

The days roll by. Without strong government, order breaks down. Anarchy and chaos reign. Gangs of vigilantes roam the land dealing out justice. Gangs of criminals roam about, too. It’s hard to tell the difference. The restraints are gone and violence is everywhere. People just do what they want. No longer do they have to work to survive. Instead, they wander aimlessly about, looking for entertainment. There is no limit to their cruelty. Nothing seems to satisfy them.

You don’t understand. Everything you did was correct in your own way of thinking. How did things go wrong? You wake up in a cold sweat, fighting down panic as you look around your room. There’s the stereo. It was a dream, after all. But a very troubling dream. Once man’s needs were met he should have been able to live at peace with everyone else. You thought that circumstances and suffering made people choose evil; that if they could choose good then all men would. The truth dawns on you. Even in a perfect situation man chooses to do evil.

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About Radical Black Homesteader

The time has come to stop participating in the current system and learn to become self reliant. Its time to teach our children how to live free of government dependency. We need to shrink the size of government. We are in need of more benefits and the poor people should have access to them. Can't be done you say. Well you would be wrong. There is a way; it's called the Homestead movement. There is no benefit the government provides that the private sector can't offer cheaper and with superior quality. It's time for more Americans achieve self sustainability and buy their own benefits on the free market and cut government out of the loop. If education, healthcare and retirement are so important why on earth would anyone let self serving corrupt politicians provide those things for us? The goal is to stop participating in their system and to create our own. We have to turn to every inch of land we have into a productive landscape, and use our resources to change the world in front of us. Truly, Radical Urban Homesteader

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