Are you ready?

When the collapse finally comes will you be ready? If and when we do go off the deep end it’s only a matter of time before trade stops, people are in line to get their money out of the bank, realize their money is gone and start rioting and the government implements martial law. The U.S. Constitution has not been valid since 2001 under George W. Bush with his Patriot Act. Since then we have seen numerous executive orders and bills that rape Americans’ freedom and have place the United States under a tyranny. Barrack Obama has accepted the torch that Dick Cheney and George Bush have passed. If you aren’t preparing for the worst now it will be too late when the worst happens.

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About Radical Black Homesteader

The time has come to stop participating in the current system and learn to become self reliant. Its time to teach our children how to live free of government dependency. We need to shrink the size of government. We are in need of more benefits and the poor people should have access to them. Can't be done you say. Well you would be wrong. There is a way; it's called the Homestead movement. There is no benefit the government provides that the private sector can't offer cheaper and with superior quality. It's time for more Americans achieve self sustainability and buy their own benefits on the free market and cut government out of the loop. If education, healthcare and retirement are so important why on earth would anyone let self serving corrupt politicians provide those things for us? The goal is to stop participating in their system and to create our own. We have to turn to every inch of land we have into a productive landscape, and use our resources to change the world in front of us. Truly, Radical Urban Homesteader

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